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Thread: Report filter syntax

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    Default Report filter syntax

    I have a report that works fine when all records are set to print.
    But, I would like to select the records to print by an ask variable.
    I want the report to print only records in the Area I specify in the ask variable and
    I only want records printed that are unique to the Area that I specified.

    I have this so far: .NOT.(Section->Section_Area > var->askC_Show_Unique_SKUs_For_What_Area)
    It asks for for the Area I want in the report but shows all areas regardless of the Area specified.
    Note: the .NOT. was required to get any records to show in the report...I have no idea why that's so.

    For example:

    If I enter Stockroom for the ask variable, the only record that should show would be for SKU 5678.
    That is because SKU 1234 is also included in a Salesfloor record.

    Any help with the syntax would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Report filter syntax

    If you had an index, sku_test, on the sku field you could do something like

    area = var->askC_Show_Unique_SKUs_For_What_Area .and. dbcount("section","sku_test",sku) = 1
    There can be only one.

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