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Thread: Uploaded images rotated

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    Default Uploaded images rotated

    Hi All,

    I haven't experienced this before - I've uploaded plenty of images over the years and have other UX's operating on the same server working as expected. I recently created a new UX with an image upload. It automatically rotates any images which are natively portrait orientation but doesn't do it to landscape images. Any ideas?



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    Default Re: Uploaded images rotated

    Hi Sully. What method are you using to upload images? Are you storing in Alpha, IIS, S3 or something else?

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    Default Re: Uploaded images rotated


    Think this has something to do with EXIF information on rotation for portrait photos taken on some devices not being recognised, it goes away when you resize them to 100%

    Initial workaround was open them in an editing program, resizing by 1% then saving again - but to automate it the below worked for me (except for where photos were genuinely taken sideways like of paper documents lying on a table)

    a5_runImageMagicCommand(newpath,newpath,"-auto-orient -resize 100%")

    This took care of the issue for images that are copied in the background by a runtime app, in both reports and the image gallery on the Alpha server.

    This page has been useful to see what is going on, the offending photos taken on certain Samsung tablets were rotated 90 Degrees but the embedded images were sideways, devices without this problem had the rotation information BUT the embedded image was portrait.
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