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Thread: Decoding Google Maps Timestamp

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    Default Decoding Google Maps Timestamp

    I have a PhoneGap app that uses the Action Javascript GeoLocation Functions to capture data, including the timestamp that Google Maps provides.

    I am saving the data to a MySQL table.

    I want to display the data in a list control, and from there show markers on a map.

    This is working fine for the latitude and longitude. But I am having trouble with the timestamp.

    Here are some samples of the timestamps I am receiving from an iPhone SE:


    What are the decimal and extra numbers?

    In Live Preview running in Mozilla it returns 13 digits, such as


    I can use unixtimestamp_to_time() to convert 10 digits to a readable format. That is as far as I have gone.

    How can I convert these to a format such as MM-dd-yyyy&&0h:0m AM?

    And my next step will be the speed data.

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    Default Re: Decoding Google Maps Timestamp

    The extra digits are just being extremely precise... down to milliseconds... and beyond.

    1513176386688.052 will give you Wednesday, December 13, 2017 9:46:26.688 AM GMT-05:00 using online epoch time converters.

    Even though you're getting more than 10 digits to use... there are limits to unixtimestamp_to_time().

    1513176386688 will result in no return from unixtimestamp_to_time().

    Trimming this down to 10 digits will return today's date.

    You'll see from the Alpha doc that you should use a Time format for the results...

    dim myTime as t
    myTime = unixtimestamp_to_time(1513176386)
    will give you 12/13/2017 09:46:25 00 am
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    Default Re: Decoding Google Maps Timestamp

    OK. I was not sure what I was loosing by trimming it down to 10 digits. I now know about

    I am not quite clear on how the time zone offset is handled. I assume the timestamp will always return the time as it would be in the device's location.

    As I understand it, if I am in Central time, and it is Noon, and a device in Mountain time (11:00 AM) records a timestamp, it will decode as 11:00 AM. Is that correct?

    And if so, I probably need to capture the device's time zone as well.

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