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Thread: Question about warehouse implementation using alpha anywhere v12 & RFID for ITEMS TRACKING

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    Post Question about warehouse implementation using alpha anywhere v12 & RFID for ITEMS TRACKING

    Hello everyone ,
    special greetings to Steve Wood, Peter.Greulich, Al Buchholz, Steve Workings & the biggest support ever David ,

    i have question regarding warehouse implementation as procurement department , am sure everyone know that warehouse process starts with purchasing item from supplier
    for that the process of receiving item to the store is
    1- making material request
    2- making purchase order to supplier
    3- supplier would send the items to the agreed location with what we call ( Delivery Note )
    4- Store keep then receive the suppliers items through what we call ( Material Receive Voucher Form
    and that of course increase the quantity for this specific item based on the item code .
    so that's the procedures of IN ( Receiving Items )

    and so the procedures of OUT is simply 2 steps :
    1- making material request to the store keeper
    2- the store keeper send the item based on its availability through what we call MIV ( Material Receive Voucher ) .

    so i am facing challenging functionality requested by clients since they have issue with item coding structure and tracking the items into the store ...
    i have developed almost everything in alpha

    you can see demo here :

    username :
    pass: 123123

    Note : its still under proccess

    many features i implemented for them and i made the whole were house working process act like a game .. things like adding cash to the users who really works in perfect ways through some KPI factors which is not our concern now to talk about so i will pass this point .

    my concern about the system is the client have requested me to integrate this system with some hardware's that will read items code ( although there is no bar codes stickers in the items warehouse ) beside that
    they want to place hardware's that read the items locations ....
    so i have suggested working with RFID technology .... which also not easy to implemented in my case as i don't have any stickers in the current warehouse items ...
    so for that i have asked them to make inventory ( stock count ) to all the items in the were house ... after that
    i suggested to place RFID Stickers/ Tags .. to place for each items ...
    now honestly i am not so much experienced with the RFID stickers / tags ...
    any idea how i can write the item code into these stickers ?
    and how i am actually going to read them in the store through RFID Access points readers ?
    is this really performing proper ?

    my question is .. what are the best models for RFID tags / stickers .. as well what are the best models for devices that read RFID's .. also
    in case the supplier have supplied item to the were house ... the store keeper should have hand held device and he should place tag on that and scan it through that hand held RFID reader and place it in the were house into some location / zones .

    now the system should work automatically without inserting any data from store keepers saying that this item exist in this location or that place within the store ... as these installed devices in the store .. should read the tags placed in that items and tell my system how to reach in there through visualizing the warehouse in 3D object ( or 3D DRAW ) and showing that item as RED X inside that visualization draw so the store keeper can directly go and find it to collect it to make MIV ...

    my client is doing all this because some labors inside the warehouse are moving the items from place to another without informing the concerned people about it .. so when the store keeper want to find an item into that store ..
    it takes him hours to find him ...

    so again ...
    is my suggested solution is the best scenario here ?
    if yes what are the best models i should deal with and how easy is it to integrate these devices with alpha
    if NO ... please suggest solution for me and tell me your solution to solve it ...

    is there better technology than RFID to locate the items and use it for stock count ?

    maybe i can replace it with Bluetooth readers / tags ?
    or maybe i can use camera that can read tags placed in items with different technologies ?
    or maybe even wifi ??

    sorry for making this long but i really appreciate your suggestion about the above solution ..

    and if anyone get into the online demo ... the ranking / cash points you see .. is generated based on the store keepers / staff ... activity to motivate them to work by rewarding them cash ...
    so i am explaining this as i am sure lot will ask .. why would you place this in there ...

    thanks again and sorry for making this long ... well .. at-least am satisfying David as i am sure he love to read the details about any questions in the form lol ...
    if anyone have ready solution which covers my concerns please let me know ...
    thanks and waiting for anyone's feedback ...
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    Default Re: Question about warehouse implementation using alpha anywhere v12 & RFID for ITEMS TRACKING

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to use a system to recognize when an item that has been 'tagged' has been moved into a certain area, without having to actually manually scan it?

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