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Thread: spurious .set, .sem and .sex files with 2 periods in name

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    Default spurious .set, .sem and .sex files with 2 periods in name

    I am migrating a large app written and operated in A5v10. In reviewing the app files, I noticed a "duplication??" of all the .set, .sem, .sex files for the sets. But it wasn't really a duplication. The convention for naming a set is: s_<parent table name>_<first child table name>. So the set for the Customer Invoices is: s_cust_invitem where the Customer table is parent and the Invoice Item table is the child. Expected is the set files to be present, which they are: s_cust_invitem.set, s_cust_invitem.sem, However, also present are the files: cust_invitem..set, cust_invitem..sem, (the leading "s_" is missing and an extra period is present). I made a backup of the app and deleted all these odd files (48 sets x 3 files per set) and although I have not tested everything completely, there seems to not be any ill effects from deleting these peculiar, spurious files.

    Has anybody seen this before? Have an explanation for where these spurious extra files might have come from? Have knowledge that deleting them will\might cause issues? Thanks.
    Mike W
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    Default Re: spurious .set, .sem and .sex files with 2 periods in name


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