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Thread: Stripe API

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    Default Stripe API

    Happy New Year All,

    I'm implementing the Stripe API on a project (via Action Javascript - which is very easy). Just wondering if anyone has experience with the API and recurring payments. This is for a SaaS project in which customers will be subscribing on a monthly basis.


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    Default Re: Stripe API

    Stripe under Alpha was never fully implemented... only the very basics were exposed and have Actions.

    Settings up Subscriptions within the Stripe Website is very straight forward... but then you need to put together the Node.JS functionality to work with those Subscriptions. It gets tricky because Alpha lets you define Node.JS at a Global Level and at a Project Level. The last time I implemented Stripe Subscriptions I found some Stripe functionality would work only under Global and some only under Project... it was a mess to get straight.

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    Default Re: Stripe API

    you could use curl to implement a create and manage subscriptions on the fly.

    or create node api implementation using Node Services and call it from an Xbasic Class or Function via the UX

    Alpha Integration (Action Javascript) is simply just calling a Node Service called "stripeChargesCreate". as seen below

    function stripeCheckout_cd1332f530d74d20a86fb29af2480a15 as c(e as p)
    DIM p as P
    DIM p.appType as C = "Test"
    DIM p.testSecretKey as C = "4453645"
    DIM p.liveSecretKey as C = "3132133"

    dim n as Helper::V8
    dim p2 as p
    p2._id = api_uuidcreate()
    p2._command = "stripeChargesCreate"
    p2._tokenId = e.token

    dim skey as c
    if p.appType = "Test" then
    skey = p.testSecretKey
    skey = p.liveSecretKey
    end if
    p2._key = skey
    p2._amount = e._state.charge.amount
    p2._description = e._state.charge.description
    p2._currency = e._state.charge.currency

    dim jsonCmd as c
    jsonCmd = json_generate(p2)

    dim result as c
    result = n.NodeRequest(jsonCmd)
    stripeCheckout_cd1332f530d74d20a86fb29af2480a15 = "{dialog.object}._stripeResults ="+result+";A5.stripe.results="+result+";"

    end function
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    Default Re: Stripe API

    Stripe under Alpha was never fully implemented... only the very basics were exposed and have Actions.
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