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Thread: Runtime Booting File Slowly

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    Default Runtime Booting File Slowly


    I have multiple computers that have started taking 30 seconds or longer to open up a runtime version of the Alpha file we use at work.

    What could be causing the file to take so long to load on those computers? I have no problem getting the developer version to launch very quickly on my computer, and other computers with runtime are loading just as quickly. We have 20 computers in the building using runtime off the same server.



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    Default Re: Runtime Booting File Slowly


    Lots of questions.

    server specs

    network specs

    all users running a terminal session on the server?
    or are they running a client/server session where Alpha is on their local machine and database is on the server?

    do X number of machines startup reasonably and then X + 1 (and beyond) start slower?
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    Default Re: Runtime Booting File Slowly

    Amanda, I had similar problem recently which was down to a missing database table on the runtime system. Alpha was searching for the missing file(s) for what seemed an age before timing out.

    The missing table(s) weren't required so I deleted them from the control panel and all was OK.

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