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Thread: A toolbar to use as an on screen keyboard (desktop apps)

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    Default A toolbar to use as an on screen keyboard (desktop apps)

    I've attached a sample app with a toolbar key board unzip it to a new folder and open the sales.adb open the sales invoice or inventory entry form there is a button 'keyboard' to open the keyboard. Check the code on the button you don't want to open the keyboard twice. The keyboard will stay open from form to form.


    I made an error in the keyboard button the is_object() function will not detect an open toolbar change the code to:
    if ui_modeless_dlg_exist("keyboard")=.f.
    a5_toolbar_open("keyboard",.t.)  'toolbar is not open so open it
    ui_modeless_dlg_close("keyboard")  'toolbar is open so close it
    end if
    to open & close the toolbar with the keyboard button
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