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Thread: App and Sql on different Servers

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    Default App and Sql on different Servers


    thanks for reading !,

    We have deployed an app which has been running perfectly well for several years to a different server... The only difference now , is our app is one server and the SQL database on a different one.. Since doing this is seems we are unable to perform inserts, either by bound dialogs or xbasic code...

    We get an error saying Function Not supported...

    Any help greatly appreciated as we are very perplexed !!


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    Default Re: App and Sql on different Servers

    Hi Miles,

    In order to get any advice here, you really need to supply much more information, like
    What version of Alpha, Database type and version, how do you perform the inserts, code example

    Then maybe someone can help you solve your problem


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    Default Re: App and Sql on different Servers

    Hi John,

    Are you able to perform any of those functions using something other than
    alpha from your app server ?

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