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    Jan Jedrasik
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    May 2017

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    Hello everyone,

    So I've been trying to use AuthorizeNet_Transaction to send/get information to and from So far i've had some success, and have been able to send information to a sandbox account, and gotten email receipts for the charges. My problem is, in another payment method like Stripe, or PayPal for example, there is a JSON response I can take apart to put information into a database. Now, I know that seems to use XML more, but I'm wondering if there is anything similar I can do in this scenario.


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    Robert Adler
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    Hi Jan, I read your post and was wondering if you were successful implementing I have a requirement that involves sending a single transaction to, but split up the amount so the merchant can determine how much applies to department A and how much goes to department B. I've been told this can be done using a json template, but I can't find any examples of such and what property to use to pass the json with the other information. If you or anyone else has any ideas on how to accomplish this please post an answer.

    Bob A.
    Robert Adler
    Alpha Anywhere Programmer/Developer
    Eagle Dbase Solutions, LLC

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