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Thread: How to add third item to my filter...

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    Default How to add third item to my filter...

    I've been using the first line here, no problem:

    'tbl.query_create("N","inactive<>'Y' .and. isnotblank("Volcontrct")","Name_sort")
    When I want to only include the Board members, I added the Boardmembers$ field, as below:

    tbl.query_create("N","inactive<>'Y' .and. isnotblank("Volcontrct") .and. isnotblank("\Boardmember$")","Name_sort")
    This gives a Script error that ends with "Expected value".

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: How to add third item to my filter...


    Great name.

    Did you retype this into the message board rather than cut and paste?

    Looks like the backslash and the dollar sign are questionable.
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    Default Re: How to add third item to my filter...

    As Al is saying, if you copy and paste an expression to the board, or if you type it in and it contains backslashes you have to put it in a code element to preserve them.

    It would seem your expression should be

    tbl.query_create("N","inactive<>'Y' .and. isnotblank(\"Volcontrct\") .and. isnotblank(\"Boardmember\")","Name_sort")
    There can be only one.

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