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Thread: Need A5 Version 11 developer install files

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    Default Need A5 Version 11 developer install files

    I got a new computer and am going through the process of finding install files for all my old software. I found my A5 runtime install file so I was able to move the application that I use every day, but I can't find the original full developer edition install files. I do have a license number. Where can I download what I need?

    I searched the forums and found a link to prior versions of V12 but I need v11.

    BTW the new computer is running Windows 10 and so far it all works.

    I need to fix some small bugs in my application. Buying a new version is obviously out of the question.



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    John Glasgow
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    Default Re: Need A5 Version 11 developer install files

    I have saved the original A5 v11 30 day trial. It is 120 Mb in size. If you email me your address I can snail mail it to you.

    John G.

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    Default Re: Need A5 Version 11 developer install files

    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
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