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Thread: 2nd use of developer's copy

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    Default 2nd use of developer's copy

    I had activated my 2nd use for my developer's copy of A5V8 on a laptop that crashed about a month ago. I still use this version and want to know if I install it on my 'new' laptop, will the activation code work? (it is a Windows 7 OS - I bought a refurbished laptop)

    I emailed Alpha directly but have not received any response.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: 2nd use of developer's copy

    Terri, should be fine if the new PC name is the same as the old.

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    Default Re: 2nd use of developer's copy

    Up to 2 installs should not need the same name for second PC.

    I have consistently had 1 install on "work" computer and a second on "Lap" computer since v5(or so).

    Alpha allows installing on 2 separate computers with different names since I can remember.

    They have changed the registration procedures several times, so things may have changed in getting a new install properly set up.
    Dave Mason
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