To go along with my previous post about errors showing up in the xBasic log file...

Are other people seeing random loss of session variables during a multi-page login sequence?

The user goes through multiple login pages before getting to the tabbedUI page for my application.
I suppose people may start to login into my system and pause for more than the IIS timeout period, but I doubt it as this has happened to me as well. My multi-step (a5w page) login process collects info from the user about what they intend to do during that session and each page adds a few more session variables. Currently, the last page in the process, based on what I see in the xbasic error log, is sometimes not receiving the session variable set by the previous page.

I have noticed in Build 5303 that Alpha no longer accepts mixed-case session variables in some of the builders. The builders seem to prefer all uppercase session variable names. I don't see how it can work sometimes and not other times just because I used mixed case variables.

I'm thinking there is something else going on. Perhaps the backend sql server that holds the session information for Alpha-IIS is having sync problems?

Although, on closer inspection of the xbasic log file, I see that this same variable is also getting lost much later in the application. Does alpha have a problem where IIS may think the session is still active so Alpha begins to process the xbasic in a component, but when the xbasic tries to reference a session variable a problem occurs?

Does Alpha ever run the xbasic code for a component even though the session has expired?

Do I have to check the existence of every session variable before I use it and direct the user to a "timeout" page if the session variable is gone. It seems to me if the session variables cannot be re-established then alpha should be sending the user to the timeout page, automatically.

Build 5303 Alpha IIS