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Thread: Reports Issue

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    Larry F. Carraher
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    Jul 2012

    Default Reports Issue

    Hopefully someone has seen this one before.

    I copied a report from one computer to a database on another computer. Made a few changes to the format and ran the report.

    So far, looks OK.

    BUT... there is no way I can change the sorting/sequencing for the report.

    Yes, it is the file and
    Yes, I can change data fields but not affect the sequencing.

    I even created a new filed called SORTFIELD and put data into that field. This had NO EFFECT ON THE SEQUENCING.

    Does anyone have any clues ???


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    Real Name
    Larry F. Carraher
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    Jul 2012

    Default Re: Reports Issue

    I have tried the following:
    * Report / Select Records and then ORDER - nothing
    * I built a new index - no change

    Is there a file that may be locked ??

    Is there a file that perhaps got toasted during the COPY of the report.

    And, when I try to change one of the fileds and insert another field, the computer locks up and I have to cancel.



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    "Certified" Alphaholic Ronald Anusiewicz's Avatar
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    Ronald Anusiewicz
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    Default Re: Reports Issue

    One thing to try is database compact.
    You don't specify if the order issue is when in design mode or when running the report from a script.
    If the report has groups, the order can be set in the group definition.
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    Ron Anusiewicz

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Ted Giles's Avatar
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    Default Re: Reports Issue

    Few of questions.
    1 how did you copy the report?
    2 are the databases the same Alpha build?
    3 are you able to change the order on the original report, on the original Db?
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
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