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Thread: Database Relation Structure Help

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    Default Database Relation Structure Help

    Sorry. Posted this in wrong location earlier.
    Each customer type will have policies from different companies. Every company offers a variety of policy types and each policy is assigned a unique and lasting policy number.

    A policy can renew every 6 or 12 months with a premium change when it renews. In addition, during the 6 or 12 month policy period a policy can be changed, thus raising or lowering the premium. I want to be able to track that and see the premium change effect on screen.

    Once a policy number is assigned to a customer, that policy number remains with the customer in my database whether the customer stays active or departs.

    When the policy period ends (renews) the policy number remains the same but the premium changes. I want to not only change a policy from active to expired but also want to see the policy premium from previous policy periods, even though they have expired or were canceled.

    In addition, I want to be able to link stored policy documents (which I have the code for provided through an earlier discussion on this board) to a specific policy period. Hence a policy renews and documents for that specific period would show only for that policy period.

    Suggestions are, in advance, greatly appreciated. If I have you confused please ask a question (or 2, or 3, or 4).


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    Default Re: Database Relation Structure Help

    This sounds similar to me keeping track of prices for various services for various customers.
    I keep a rate table that includes the customer id, service, cost, begin date, and end date.
    I also include a recID just in case I somehow get duplicates.

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    Default Re: Database Relation Structure Help

    That's a good idea

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