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Thread: Ctrl+K dialogue window invisible

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    Default Ctrl+K dialogue window invisible

    I installed on my new HP 470 ProBook notebook A5V9 build 3264 on WIN10 Version 1809 under Win7 compatibility mode what satisfies my small desktop application needs.
    When I push Ctrl+K or same if I choose the menu Find, Find by Key, the Find by Key dialogue window is not visible.
    It's finding functionality is exiting, so I can type (but I do not see what I'm typing) the text which I want to find, push Enter and the Find by Key finds the wished record.
    So, it works but I don't see the dialogue window and therefore I also do not see what I'm typing and of course therefore I can also not change the index under "Search by" in the dialogue window.

    Does anybody know how can I make the Find by Key dialogue window visible ?
    I also tried under View, Settings, Preferences, Find by Key all different settings, but still invisible.
    Even though I don't know if and where under Stylesheets this behavior cd be changed, I tried to save a completely new form with Alpha Five Default Stylesheet, still the Ctrl+K dialogue window invisible.

    E.g. the Ctrl+I dialogue does normally visibly open. So do also e.g. Ctrl+L, Ctrl+Q....
    After one hour searching what to do, I uninstalled A9 and again installed, but the Win+K problem is still there.
    On my second notebook (Acer) Ctrl+K works normal, VISIBLE.


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    Default Re: Ctrl+K dialogue window invisible

    I don't have V9 on my computer but at one time you must have had a larger monitor and the find by key dialog was moved outside of the current window size. search the registry for:

    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alpha Software\Alpha Five 9.0\xdialog.find_by_key.pos

    and change the X & Y values to maybe 10 and 10

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