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Thread: One to many child problem.

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    Default One to many child problem.

    I ham having a problem with a one to many child entry. When I add an entry to the table it works. When I add a second entry to the same table the first entry disappears in the embedded browse on the form and the net row is not accessible. Yet the entries are in the actual child table. The parent to many child link is with 3 fields. All are character and all are the same length. If I change the link to an auto increment numeric field on the parent with a corresponding field in the child table. It works. My original form worked. I have added a second child table with the identical linking fields. I removed the second linking table, to no avail. What have I missed?

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    Default Re: One to many child problem.

    I thought this was new in v12, never saw it in v11, but now most of the time. I started using pop up forms to add new records - which doesn't always refresh the browse either. If there is a solution, let's hope someone will share it!

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    Default Re: One to many child problem.

    Linking is always easiest using a Primary Key, so that is why it works with an integer.
    If you use links based on characters, you may want to put a trim() in the link, as in trim (mylink1)
    When I had this issue a long time back, the old data caused issues, so try the logic on a clean table from scratch, I would suggest.
    Another way to try is creating a concatenated field in the tables which represents the 3 fields you want to link on.
    As in;
    Commlnk = trim (field1)+trim (field 2)+trim (field 3) and use that field as the link between the tables.
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