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Thread: Problem with dir_put

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    Default Problem with dir_put

    The following dialog prompts for a folder and the prompt for a file in that folder, at least that is my intention.

    DIM SHARED vFolder as c
    DIM SHARED vResult as C
    DIM SHARED vImageName as c
    old_directory = dir_get()
    vResult = ui_dlg_box("",<<%dlg1%
    Folder:|[%p=ui_get_path("Select Folder","i:;","I:\my databases\bitmaps");I=$a5_folder%.40vFolder!ChangeFolder];
    <*15OK!OK> <15Cancel!CANCEL>
    if a_dlg_button = "ChangeFolder" then
        a_dlg_button = ""
        vFolder = strip_trailing_char(vFolder,"\\")
    Image:| [%fBMP (*.bmp)|JPG (*.jpg)%.40vImageName];
    <*15OK!OK> <15Cancel!CANCEL>;
    end if
    the problem is that neither file.dir_put or dir_put seem to work.
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    Default Re: Problem with dir_put

    I stopped using dir_put() a long time ago. I don't know if this is relevant to your needs but: if you need to check if file exists in a folder use filefind.get() - it can tell you everything you need to know about a folder and its contents, and it's fast - and then send the results to a list box if you need to see the contents. If you want to save a file to a folder, always use A5_is_path_Valid() first to be sure the folder exists and, if it doesn't, use dir_create_recurse() to create it. If the folder exists you can display the contents as above. All the file related functions you are likely to want to use accept a full path as an argument, so I've found that a combination of the these takes care of things.

    Hope this helps.

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