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Thread: Help Needed with Query

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    Default Help Needed with Query

    Hello, I am having trouble adding onto an existing query I have used, which currently runs as (exist(trim(Property_No)+trim(Tax_Cde),"RRCETC","RRC")). It is run in a set where one of the tables is Texastx1 where I am querying against the parent RRCETC in this case.

    Here I concatenate too fields that are character fields with Texastx1 to see if that result exists in the table "RRCETC", in the index "RRC". I need to add on to this query to test for an additional situation, but Alpha 5 won't let me get the filter setup correctly for the query. When I combine between(chr(Production_Date),Beg_Date,End_Date)) at the end of (exist(trim(Property_No)+trim(Tax_Cde),"RRCETC","RRC")) to make the combined query read like (exist(trim(Property_No)+trim(Tax_Cde),"RRCETC","RRC")).AND.between(chr(Production_Date),Beg_Date,End_Date)), it said it is invalid.

    So I am wanting a numeric field Production Month to first convert to a character, thus the "chr" function. The resulting of chr(Production_Date) is something like 201811. It needs to check to see that this value is between the Beg_Date and the End_Date. So, if Beg_Date is 201805 and End_Date is something like 201812, then the query would pick the record based on the date being within the range.

    Am I going to have to separate this into a separate Query, or can someone help with this?



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    Default Re: Help Needed with Query

    Its a bit difficult to tell what the field values actually are that you are trying to query.
    Is Production_date a date field in the format mm/dd/yyyy ? Because your vars Beg_Date and End_Date are shown as being yyyymm
    Perhaps some actual sample data of what your field values would be in this string would help us to help you figure it out.

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    Default Re: Help Needed with Query

    Try using time("yyyyMM",date()) instead of chr(Production_Date), or assuming all 3 values are actual date values by default between(time("yyyyMM",production_date),time("yyyyMM",beg_date),time("yyyyMM",end_date))

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