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Thread: Publishing Related Components

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    Default Publishing Related Components

    Is there an option to turn off the publishing of related components? I could make the smallest change to a UX and when I publish, locally, dozens of other components also publish. This isn't helpful.
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    Default Re: Publishing Related Components

    There is a property in the publishing dialog... "Publish Selected Only"... does this work? You can change the default setting of this property in Project Settings.

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    Default Re: Publishing Related Components

    If you are publishing to a remote server, it may be faster to publish locally and copy and paste only the component(s) that you changed to the remove server.

    Have you tried that?
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    Default Re: Publishing Related Components

    As well as the "Publish Selected Only" which is in the Right Click Publish Section of the Web Project Profiles you can also select "Use Right Click Publish in Builders" in the same section. I tend to also uncheck "Publish Support Files". There are other options in that section which can help as well.
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