So while I was working on a problem I was having with an FPT file I noticed something both odd and familiar.

In the (at that point still broken) FPT file after the null terminator of every FPT entry was a padding of "2p,to." (0x32 0x70 0x2C 0x74 0x6F 0x2E) repeated over and over again (e.g. "2p,to.2p,to.2p,to.2p,to.2p,to.2p,to.2p,to.2").

Anyone ever seen this pattern before?

I've seen erroneous entries in our database where the whole record is this "2p,to." sequence, including our Primary Key field. This, as you would assume, really screws with the subsequent PK values (unfortunately the PK is of type C instead of N).

Interestingly enough after I packed the FPT the entries were padded with a null values. No sign of "2p,to." Is this possibly an artifact of using encryption?