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Thread: Alpha Version for windows 7

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    Default Alpha Version for windows 7

    What is version alphasoftware for windows 7?
    I recently install alphasoftware version 12 in my laptop windows 10, but i can't install alphasoftware 12 in windows 7.
    anyone can help?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic mikeallenbrown's Avatar
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    Default Re: Alpha Version for windows 7

    Microsoft is ending all support of Windows 7 come January 2020. I'd update that win 7 laptop if you can.

    That said, what's going on when you try to install. "i can't install" doesn't tell us anything. Have you tried right clicking on the install executable and selecting "Run as Administrator"?
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    Default Re: Alpha Version for windows 7

    Works in my setup.
    WIN7 WIN10.
    Also have V10.5 and 9 on XP. Now that is sad.
    Ted Giles
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    Default Re: Alpha Version for windows 7

    12 will install on any xp3 and up windows. All installs made by administrator of windows. Desktop or Laptop.
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    Dave Mason
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