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Thread: Script doesn't execute

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    Default Script doesn't execute

    Why doesn't my script execute? I have a yes no dialog. In the case of the user selecting yes, it should follow with a playing of the script.

    If the user selects no or cancel, it should not run and should end the script.

    I started with an inline x basic where you don't write the code. The problem there was it let you choose Yes, No, or cancel, but then the actions of running the operations always followed regardless of the answer. So, I had to strip out those command actions and change it to xbasic code and try and edit that, which I did in the attachment. Now I just need it to behave as I described in the first paragraph.


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    Default Re: Script doesn't execute

    How is this code called and from where?

    If YES is selected you are setting Confirm_YES_Button= .t.

    If anything else is selected you are setting a variable to .f.

    Using the code you sent works as expected for me and only goes to the script_play_local() if YES is selected.

    I avoid script_play_local() for almost all items and instead build a specific UDF for that script. Easy to do.

    I don't think that is your issue, but instead is something before or after this code or how it is called.

    Since you started with action scripting is this one step of a multiple step action script?

    Remember that object names should start with a letter - only contain letters, numbers, and an underscore.

    I would not use the name of "Import/Upload History" for any object, but would use "Import_Upload_History"
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