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Thread: Force Report Page Break on Group Footer

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    Neville Dearham
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    Jul 2015
    Cape Town South Africa

    Default Force Report Page Break on Group Footer

    Have a group, want to do a page break after the group footer so it starts on a new page.
    Click on row r-click, new page after....but it does not work. It shows the broken line across that there is a pg brk but the group does not start on a new page.
    Any help appreciated.

    NevillePage Break not Working.png

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    James A. Talbott, Jr.
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    Default Re: Force Report Page Break on Group Footer

    Do you also have the option set correctly in the properties for that group?

    Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.13.25 AM.png

    Jay Talbott
    Lexington, KY

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