Hi guys,

Our requirement is to use a mobile device to capture video and upload that to a server.

The cordova-plugin-media-capture has been incorporated into the mobile app and the video capture works well.

The problem is with the optimisation of the video, where the smaller video file sizes mean quicker saving, uploading and less space on the server to hold the content.

Good news: There is an option to lower the resolution of the uploaded video, naturally reducing the file size to upload to the server and good news is this works a treat in Android.
Bad news: iOS is a different kettle of fish... Apple ignores this option and instead forces the video to be saved at the resolution set by the user in Settings > Camera > Record Video

I'd much rather force a user to record and upload content in 720p HD @ 30fps (40MB per minute), rather than 4K @ 60fps (10 times the size)!

Would be great to hear if someone has a solution