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Thread: Alpha Anywhere Suitability?

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    Default Alpha Anywhere Suitability?


    I am hoping to develop mobile delivery/sale fulfilment app which works from local master data (customers, items etc) which is updated periodically from an SQL backend, and the transactional data (invoices, delivery notes etc) that is saved into the local database but synchronized with the back end immediately, or as soon as a connection is detected.

    Is Alpha Anywhere a viable option for this?
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    Default Re: Alpha Anywhere Suitability?

    Alpha can develop any app you want. Big or small. Simple or complex. So yes, it can build your app.
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    Default Re: Alpha Anywhere Suitability?

    Alpha Anywhere has excellent support for offline data capture and syncronization, and multiple methods of doing so. This capability is the primary reason we chose to use the platform after testing about 10 different ones. On top of the software capability itself, the Alpha Software employees are great at helping, as are the developers in this forum, when you need it.

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