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Thread: List responsive column

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    Default List responsive column

    I have a list control with responsive columns placed on a panel card. Works fine in a desktop browser. As window gets narrower, various columns hide. But in Chrome browser on a phone none of the columns hide and the flex columns are basically 0 (because there are some fixed width). I'm not that familiar with the phone environment, but should I expect it to work similar to desktop? This is not PhoneGap.


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    So far in my testing, the chrome dev tools mimic the actual device pretty well as far as layout goes. Don't forget you can use multiple layouts as well as the responsive rule sets. Also remember that the order of the rules matter! I recommend starting with the biggest devices and work downwards to the small screen sizes.
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    Default Re: List responsive column

    Bill, did you figure this out? I'm seeing the same thing with my web application. On a PC browser (Chrome and Firefox), if I decrease the screen width, the columns disappear as expected, but in Chrome on my phone browser the columns are all present and just squeezed till unreadable.

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