I've decided to have a png image as the background to my home page, just for a change. I thought this would be easy - simply add my image as the background in the page properties. However, as I'm sure you will know, the image then repeats itself four times across the page. So after much research on the message board, I decided to have another go with the page layout builder component.

I have managed to put my image into a container and then insert the component on a page - and it looks good. But that's when my problems start! I can see break options in the container that I don't want to use, because I want to position static text plus other components and images on top of my background image.

Am I going about this all the wrong way? Up to now I've constructed all of my pages via hidden tables - I know this method is frowned upon. But is there not a simple way to place a png as a background to the whole page? Or can I stop the .a5w page background from repeating?

I guess the time has come for me to advance to the next level...