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Thread: eMail problem WIN10

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    Default eMail problem WIN10

    I have been using A5 eMail successfully or a very long time... I recently switched some computers to WIN10 from WIN7...
    I have not changed anything in the database, which has been in use for over 10 years. I am using the A5 RunTime Plus Build that was current as of January this year (2019).

    The application runs as usual on computers running WIN7... however, on WIN10 I have encountered problems with some eMail functionality...
    I want to preview the report... then click on the PDF Icon in the top toolbar that sends the .pdf of the report via eMail. (The icon (to the immediate left) produces the .PDF as expected).
    I have configured the eMail icon to send the report using the default eMail client on the computer.

    When the icon is clicked, the report is produced... and... frustratingly, Windows tries to load Outlook (not WINMail). I don't have Office or Outlook installed, so widows asks me to purchase Office, which I will not do.

    I have tried specifying that the default eMail client is the current client being used on the computer (eg eM Client, or WinMail etc)

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    Default Re: eMail problem WIN10

    if you want a definitive, rock solid solution for email functionality out of A5 desktop, look here.
    It's not for the faint of heart but it is rock solid.
    Mike W
    "I rebel in at least small things to express to the world that I have not completely surrendered"

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