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Thread: Moving LAN WEB Application to new server.

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    Default Moving LAN WEB Application to new server.

    1. I am moving my A5V11 WAS LAN from a Windows 7 Pro machine to a MS 2016 VM Server. I have not moved the license yet and I am able to use a browser on the server and run my app. However, I am not able to access my application from a different PC using a browser. I get This site can’t be reached” is this normal in the Demo mode? Should it be fine after I move the license?

    2. The names are different for these 2 machines. So, I was wondering if I have my IT department add an alias of the old Win 7 install, should users still be able to use their current bookmark to get to the new VM server? I just don't want to move it until I have made some changes and be sure I don't have any issues.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    Default Re: Moving LAN WEB Application to new server.

    When your Application Server is running in demo mode without a license, it will still accept requests from non-local clients. If your browser is getting no response at all, there is some other type of system or network configuration preventing it.

    For your second question, you wold need to discuss this with your IT department as the answer requires detailed knowledge of the exact systems involved.

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