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Thread: Finger Trouble !!

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    Default Finger Trouble !!

    I run this bit of code quite a lot. It works fine unless I accidentally double click on the file name displayed, in which case the script ends because vResult is not set. Is there a way of trapping this double click ?
    vResult = ui_dlg_box("",<<%dlg%
    {'%O={F=Arial,16}{C=Dark Teal}{B=Blue White}Input File Name%};
    | [%p=ui_get_file("",def_dir-"*.txt",Input_filename,"");I=$a5_smart_file%.70Input_filename];
    <*6OK!OK> <8Cancel!CANCEL>
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    Default Re: Finger Trouble !!

    I found trapping double click events at the Wiki

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    Default Re: Finger Trouble !!

    Can't you test for a value in the Var?
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    Default Re: Finger Trouble !!

    Hi Graham,
    There is no dialog event for the Input_filename so I see nothing that would happen when that field value is "clicked" or "double clicked". I must be misunderstanding what you are saying.
    Mike W
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