Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know, Apple has deprecated UIWebView in its operating system. If you have built a PhoneGap app for an iPhone I can practically guarantee you are using this plugin.

The big question has been when will Apple will remove support for UIWebView in its operating system and break any app using it? The rumor was this would happen in iOS13 but my testing of the beta (version 2) shows that my apps still work fine running UiWebView. So apparently we are good for now, assuming Apple doesn't remove it before the final iOS13 release this Fall.

The latest release of Alpha does include a new plugin to use by Bob Moore, which is customized version of the WkWebView, Apple's replacement for UIWebView. I plan to test it out later this summer.

So the good news is we are not in immediate danger, but the "the Sword of Damocles" continues to hang above us all with PhoneGap iOS apps so best to move them to WKWebView when you can. I wouldn't put it past Apple to drop support for UIWebView in some random update in the middle of the winter.