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Thread: Helpful Security Add-On

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    Default Helpful Security Add-On

    I have my own dedicated server and had been noticing a large number of RDC attacks. I installed Syspeace and I have noticed significant decrease in attacks. Syspeace is a software that works with Windows Server and provides you additional control over blacklisting IP addresses by country.

    I just wanted to throw this out there for anyone who might be struggling with this issue.

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    Default Re: Helpful Security Add-On

    Don't forget to update the IP addresses about every 90 days or so since the do tend to change. I have a similar package for my websites and they put out updates for the country/area I
    P ranges about 90 days apart. simple download. I generally shut off countries with high problems and sometimes others for convenience.
    Dave Mason
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    Default Re: Helpful Security Add-On

    Best option is to bind RDS use to a certain IP(s). Then external firewall solves all RDS problems and does not use servers resources at all and RDS port hammering is then just a bad memory . You get external firewall for free for example from AWS EC2 and Leaseweb VPS Cloud.

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