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Thread: A Friend Lost

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    Default A Friend Lost

    I'm writing this today enormously sad having learned that my dear friend Bill Jordan died yesterday. Bill and I were dear friends, met about 14 years ago, talked to each other virtually every day. We met through this Message Board. We partnered in developing several small applications we distributed via the web. We associated with others here that helped us in our pursuits and those associations developed into more friendships. I am seriously grieving the loss of my dear friend Bill, but am so thankful, so thankful for this forum that delivered to me that friendship with Bill, and others, and so truly grateful for the soles that have been here and passed through here in our journeys. Thank you Alpha for this Message Board and thank you all for these gifts.
    Mike W
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    Default Re: A Friend Lost


    Sorry to hear this.

    Thank you for sharing.

    RIP Bill
    Al Buchholz
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