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Thread: Error when publishing grid

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    Default Error when publishing grid

    I have a grid in my desktop/web browser app (dbf) which gets published to my local server.

    I have a button on the grid that opens and displays a record in a different sql table hosted on a different server. The record is linked by a unique id number.

    When I view this grid in 'Working Preview' mode and 'Live Preview' mode, the record from the grid opens the sql table and displays the linked record as expected.

    It also works correctly if I publish the entire desktop/web project to my local webroot and run it from there.

    However, when I publish my entire desktop/browser project to my dedicated server and click this grid button that should open the grid that displays the linked record in the sql table, I receive the following error:


    Appreciate any advice...
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    Default Re: Error when publishing grid

    Have you tried installing Alpha on your dedicated server, moving the entire project there, recreating the connection string and republishing?
    Do that and see if that helps.
    Jay Talbott
    Lexington, KY

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    Default Re: Error when publishing grid

    Are you sure that the development server has proper rights to the other database? Mostly, check that the Server IP address is not being blocked by the database firewall.

    As a further check, maybe install SQL Management studio on the server to make sure it can connect to the DB.

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