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Thread: Help with "onWroteField" in a field rule

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    Default Help with "onWroteField" in a field rule


    trying to embellish a table lookup:

    work_file_prod_list:MSN:OnWroteField (Using "Logging" as the lookup table)

    if work_file_prod_list->reg <> logging->reg then
    work_file_prod_list->old_id = if(isblank("work_file_prod_list->old_Id"),logging->reg,work_file_prod_list->old_id-","-logging->reg)
    end if
    after having done the lookup, I want to compare the "REG" field in both tables. If they differ I want to add the logging->Reg to the end of the work_file_prod_list->Old_Id field.
    I can get it to do what I need, but have to manually select the field and then save the record each time. Is there a way to make the field rule re-save the record?
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    Default Re: Help with "onWroteField" in a field rule

    As I recall those field rules are for data entered by the user. Hence you can "manually select the field and save the record".

    I'd use the trace window, debug(1), or an msg() to see if the event is firing when you expect it to.

    I recall writing my own lookup code and calling it from a button to look like a field rule to add some additional functionality to a 'lookup'

    You may also want to use another event like a cansave or onsave.
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