This is an issue I see in Chrome. Edge and Firefox don't have this problem.

I am opening a .pdf using Action Javascript Open a .a5w page, static HTML page, of .PDF document, in a pop-up window or a DIV...

When the window opens, it displays a "pdf toobar" when the mouse hovers over the report.

Part of the toolbar displays the "Title" of the pdf.

In this case the Title that the user sees is C:\A5Webroot\Documents\ReportName.a5rpt (3948/2)"

I want to edit or delete the title, although the rest of the toolbar is nice as it contains print and download icons.

This is some of the html from the report:
<viewer-pdf-toolbar id="toolbar">

	<span id="title" title="C:\A5Webroot\Documents\ReportName.a5rpt (3948/2)">
The pdf was originally created using a5w_report_saveAs, and the "Title" is the complete path and file name of the .a5rpt.

Apparently this is embedded in the pdf when it is created.

Is there a way to specify a different title when the pdf is created? Or to suppress the title when it is opened in Chrome?

Build 6012 5338