can anyone tell me how to get rid of this error? It is showing in my xbasic error log. It does not appear to stop anything from working, I'm just trying to weed out errors.

Thread: AppServerWorker27
Request URI: /wtsql/fundraiser_email.a5w
Line: 6
wp.precalc.usesSystemSVG = pc.usesSystemSVG
Property not found
pc.usesSystemSVG subelement not found.
Execution Stack:
0#1 evaluate_shared_private(
0#39 OOhttpdServerClientMIME(ptemp,"AppServerMain")
0#2 A5WCallResult = evaluate_a5w_to_response(page_contents,Response,quote(" " +,eval_settings,EVALUATE_A5W_TIMEOUT,RequestBundle.RequestInfo.Filename.Path)
0#30 x_FUNDRAISER_EMAI = a5w_run_Component(tmpl_FUNDRAISER_EMAI)
0#6 wp.precalc.usesSystemSVG = pc.usesSystemSVG