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Thread: WAS Licence

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    Peter Strachan
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    Sep 2010

    Default WAS Licence

    Hi All

    I am going out a limb here.

    I am in South Africa and unable to get hold of Alpha Sales team for another 8 hours.

    We had a server issue and have had to move servers but my WAS V11 licence is still active on the old server and I am unable to deactivate it and activate on new server.

    Does anyone perhaps have a WAS V11 licence for me to 'loan' until Alpha opens this afternoon?

    We are currently losing production and facing a whole day of downtime without a licence

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Isang Udo-Akagha
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    Aug 2011
    Lagos, Nigeria

    Default Re: WAS Licence

    Open you application server settings, under "server name", use exactly the same name you used on the old server. Enter your license key and bingo!

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    Default Re: WAS Licence

    Peter, I need to migrate a5v11 to a new server too. Do you know where I can download the a5v11 application server installation file?

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