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Thread: Which version of Runtime to use

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    Default Which version of Runtime to use

    I know this has been discussed before, but I would like to know what version of AA people have settled on. Alpha keeps coming out with new releases, but we are a total desktop environment, and I don't want to break what we have running.

    We had settled on 4491-4932 (from July of 2017), which I know is older, but it seemed stable. Most of the newer releases are for fixes to the web product, so they don't really apply to us.

    We just happen to be rolling out new 64-bit windows 10 machines to our users, and I would really like to know if it makes any sense to go to a newer release.

    Any and all suggestions would be helpful.



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    Default Re: Which version of Runtime to use

    I have found Build 4269 to be very stable. Shortly after issuing Build 4269, Alpha changed the Microsoft C Compiler from version 1800 to 1916. This change while allowing Alpha to expand features on the WEB side unintentionally broke a lot of what use to work on the desktop side. All of my attempts to use any of the subsequent builds have ended with some feature on the desktop side not working, features that worked just fine using build 4269. I have submitted numerous bug reports. Many were fixed and some were not. Right now there is a bug that requires me to use the task manager to shut down Alpha. It appears to be a compatibility issue with win 7 and server 2012. I do not think they are going to fix this. For myself, at this time I'm sticking with 4269 as it seems to be working fine with win 7 thru win 10 for now. If you do try a newer version, I suggest you set up a test environment first to test all the features of your app just to be on the safe side.
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    Default Re: Which version of Runtime to use

    I think version 2999_4519 is one good option. It is from 28-07-2015 and next version did come out so late as 05-04-2016 (and then also did happen changes in Alpha licensing little by little.)

    I currently use version 4770_5018 (14-12-2017) which is the last version which has the original chrome engine (xdialog) and there are also some other features available I need for example twilio sms. In my opinion after that version anyway not much has happened if any because of the development efforts of Transform.

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