Build 5667

I have endlessly searched with the videos, online, this forum, etc. and seem to not be able to find much on opening a PDF from a button in PhoneGap. This seems it should be simple, and it probably is, but I am definitely missing something. I want to have the functionality of opening a PDF when there is no available network. I would want it to be within so it is not grabbing a url or whatever document externally. I do not want to grab a PDF from a list, just click a button and it pops up on their phone and they can exit out of it. Now, I am able to do this with the "Open an .a5w page, static HTML page, etc" action via URL (I got the PDF from a URL), but that does me no good if there is no network availability. Since I want it to be a PDF and not a URL, I have to use the PhoneGap action.

There is no error, the button is clicked, and it does absolutely nothing.

I am currently using PhoneGap - Open File With Native Application and testing on an Android. Filesystem part: persistent; Filename: attachments\example.pdf ... this is in the default webprojects with everything else that is used. I have done this method with images, which is just another folder like attachments. Is there a Javascript function that needs to be written to further open this up or am I just missing something and it is right in front of me?

Note: I have Cordova Open, Document Handler, and PDF417-phonegap (I have no idea if I need this) checked off. There is no further Javascript or Xbasic function made for this problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.