For years I used only Forms,Browses,reports and a dabbling of xbasic.
I am not a programmer by training, occupation or aptitude, so writing a script that caters for all my needs in this project has been hard, hard work for me.
I've managed to get a basic understanding of xdialogs and event handling as well as Collections. I've even overcome the log jam that is the 1024 characters for the filter expression. My script is probably overkill as it was built like a lego set, find the right method in the documentaion, learning it and applying it to my project. I have even managed a level of error trapping as well. I am happy with the result, but it still needs a tweek here and there (when I find the bugs).
The only thing I could not work out was to stay inside the script when selecting a new input file (I have two Xdialogs, need to get from the second back to the first for that). It is probably bad design on my part, but I used trial-and-error to get what I want.

So thanks to all you professionals, for humouring this "Amateur" developer. (I am also my only user!)