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Thread: Custom Floating Toolbar Dropdown Menus - Error

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    Default Custom Floating Toolbar Dropdown Menus - Error

    I have been using this toolbar for a long time and it was working fine on my Home computer (Win10Pro). But when I brought my app over to my work computer the drop down menus err with dropdown[1] not found. This is an alpha generated script when you select to add a dropdown menu on a toolbar. Both PC's are using AAv12.4.4.3 4254-4863

    Has anyone else seen this? In the toolbar editor everything looks fine in the preview.


    When I click on the dropdown the menu item list appears but when I click one of them then the error above appears.

    Edit: adding a new button to the toolbar didn't help either, so I am creating a new toolbar since the conflict is either from corruption or from a previous build. So far the menus in the new toolbar are working. Thank goodness alpha lets you open more than one toolbar in design mode...!
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