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Thread: Backup saves more than data files only

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    Default Backup saves more than data files only

    I had a bug in an on init xbasic script that I corrected. When a user backed up their "data files only", removed the application from their computer, installed the update, then restored the backup copy of "data files only", the old bug carried through. Is there a way not to back up scripts behind forms and truly just back up the users data?

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    Default Re: Backup saves more than data files only

    Not had this problem Gene.
    I would probably check that the user backed up the Files Only by testing in your installation.
    It's possible they got "click happy" and might have selected the wrong tab, or misunderstood.
    If it happens when you test it, I suppose you could create a specific backup routine.
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    Default Re: Backup saves more than data files only

    Was a backup done after the change?

    The oninit of a form is stored with the form in the .ddd,.ddm,.ddx if based on a table and the .sem,.set,.sex if based on a set.

    If your backup of the datafiles included those support files, then the change should have come forward unless the backup was completed prior to your changing of the oninit.

    You may want to have some type of version control on your coding to keep it coordinated with the backups.
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