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Thread: How to examine 'deleted records'?

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    Default How to examine 'deleted records'?

    Having accidentally deleted an entire DB of 54,000 records we restored with a Backblaze backup. There were many legitimate deletions made before the restoration and no 'packing'. How can I examine the deleted records without restoring them?

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    Default Re: How to examine 'deleted records'?

    I'm a bit confused about the methods you used to delete and the timing of the backup and restore.

    Deletes rather than a table.zap aka truncate?

    So from the help files

    Undeleting Records

    To undelete records:

    Right click on the table in the Table/Set tab of the Control Panel.

    Select Utilities > Undelete Records....

    Optionally check Mark records that are undeleted. This gives you the opportunity to easily identify the records that you have undeleted.

    Optionally select Range of records and enter a Start Record # and End Record #.

    Click OK to undelete the selected records. [Picture]
    So you can determine what you have undeleted if you choose the option to mark the undeleted records.
    Of course that means you shouldn't have some of the records marked otherwise how could you tell which ones were undeleted?
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