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Thread: html bubble help

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    Terry Morgan
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    Default html bubble help

    When you use html bubble help for a field can you:-
    format field data - in this case a date
    use xbasic or conditions i.e. if(field="X","Field is X","Field is not X")
    if so what is the syntax required, as i have tried usual methods.

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    Volunteer Moderator drgarytraub's Avatar
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    Default Re: html bubble help

    I have not found a way to do that directly but here is a workaround:

    define 2 versions of the same field, each with its own bubble help - then use show/hide to show the appropriate field based on whatever criteria you desire.
    Gary S. Traub, Ph.D.

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    Default Re: html bubble help

    Another option, Terry.
    Create a text box with the options you want covered.
    Use Conditional Objects - if you haven't used them , it will be fun first time - and use the field condition to show or hide the text box.
    So if Field A = " " Show Empty Box or "Enter a value between 1 and 5" box
    Field A not Char Show Error Box
    Ted Giles
    Example Consulting - UK
    See our site for Alpha Support, Conversion and Upgrade.

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