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Thread: Auto hide button

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    Default Auto hide button

    I have button that hide after press which is simple when you know the button name.
    How do I add a line to get the name of the button pressed so I can use the variable holding the button name for later manipulation

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    Default Re: Auto hide button

    Put this as an action when the button is pushed.

    'Set the value of one or more variables.
    DIM GLOBAL pushed AS N
    pushed = a5_eval_expression("=1")

    Then you can use that variable to hide the button using Conditional Object.

    However, the name of the button is in the Button Properties, as in "CONTROL_BUTTON1" if you want to show/hide it that way.
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    Default Re: Auto hide button

    I like using a conditional object based on a logical variable to hide or show a button on a form, but I suppose a numerical value is just as good (0=hide,1=show); and the variable needn't be global unless you want to pass that value to another form or dialog.

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