For anyone interested, it appears a User Defined Function used in 'Validation Xbasic' on a web app returns the error 'Function: <The name of the custom UDF> was not recognized' when the app is wrapped in Phonegap.

The functions do work properly in Live Preview and directly from the AA server.

I recognize this may just be something I doing incorrectly, being new to Phonegap.

This is a version of the Alpha web server from early 2019, and we will be bringing it up to date at the end of the month, so it may have been fixed by Alpha Software by now if a fix was possible. The AA web server was restarted following the usual standard of error solutions.

When typing the function name within the Xbasic development window, the functions do appear in the popup.

I did create a new baseline PG build, to no avail. It appears to me, running from PG does not have access to custom UDF's. It does recognize AA proprietary internal functions.

If anyone knows of a file, or files, that must be added to a location or PG, please let me know. The custom UDF's are in the workspace library, and were migrated to the production server.

I can just easily reverse engineer the UDF's into the validation script. It is just a UPC-A and EAN code check digit test, but my gut has always been to create a function if I foresee it's use to be more than singular.

Any thoughts are welcome. Obviously, there is tons of JavaScript out there to do this test, but since I am using AA, and have hundreds of UDF's written, I thought I'd explore that path to my solution.