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Thread: UX With ViewBoxes - Component To Share

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    Default UX With ViewBoxes - Component To Share

    For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to get a grasp on the ViewBox control as a replacement for the List control where I just need to query the SQL database and display the results to the user. I did not find the HTML Templating properties of the ViewBox to be very intuitive at all, but thanks to DavidK for the help in figuring it out.

    I thought I'd post a UX component to share if anyone is interested. The UX is a modified version of the UX I converted using 8 ViewBoxes in place of 8 List components. The performance difference in doing this was huge!

    Some of the things you'll find in this shared component are the following:

    Each ViewBox uses static JSON data to facilitate sharing however, the power lies in using a database backend of course.
    Each ViewBox has a slightly different Layout Template which demonstrates several characteristics unique to the Viewbox.
    - Layout Template commands for structuring html tables (wrapping the </table> tag inside the {*footer} command is NOT intuitive)
    - Layout Template commands for logical expressions to facilitate show/hide and conditional formatting of text and images
    - Format Directives for formatting numerical values
    - Format Directives for converting/formatting date fields
    Compare each ViewBox Static JSON to its Layout Template to see how the above were implemented.
    The UX has an onTimer event to show the date and time

    It looks like this, default Alpha style ....

    There are no items added or javascript functions. But hopefully someone may find some value in it.
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    Default Re: UX With ViewBoxes - Component To Share


    Thank you for you example. I will surely look it over in the coming days since I am one of the likely many who have not explored using a Viewbox.

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    Default Re: UX With ViewBoxes - Component To Share

    Good stuff. Thank you for sharing.

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    Default Re: UX With ViewBoxes - Component To Share

    Good stuff! Thank you for sharing with what you've done. I have been following the ViewBox threads as of late since I have 9 lists in my component.

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